Getting started is as easy as calling 610-838-1700! Ask to speak to Cheryl (if she is not available any member of our staff can help!) and she will gladly answer your questions and set up a time when she can meet with you and your favorite senior in their home. This free, “no-obligation” assessment takes about an hour and affords us the opportunity not only to evaluate the type of care needed, but also, and perhaps even more importantly, the personality of the client. This information is critical when selecting the right caregiver for your loved one. Once a schedule and plan of care has been decided upon, Cheryl will discuss the case with our staffing coordinators and together they will make the selection of the appropriate caregiver.


How much notice is needed before care can begin?

Ideally, the more notice we have the better, which allows our caregivers to clear their calendars and free up their schedules so there is less disruption. However, Millbrook understands circumstances and last minute discharge dates, often the norm, prevent the ideal situation. We certainly can get care started in short order – often times within an hour or two! Fortunately we have a large and dedicated staff that is eager to lend a hand and willing to jump in when needed!


What can I expect on the first day?

A Millbrook representative will accompany the caregiver on the first day to make the introductions and ensure both the client and the caregiver are comfortable and understand the Plan of Care. For their safety, we remind the client(s) that our caregivers are easily recognized by their name badge and Millbrook uniform identifying them as employees of Millbrook HomeCare. Our clients are always made aware ahead of time the name of their caregiver and what time they will be arriving.


What if care needs to be cancelled in case of an emergency?

          No problem! Simply call our office and let us know. If it isn’t during normal office hours (and what emergency is?) leave a message on our voice mailbox and your message will immediately be forwarded to our on call staff.


What if I need to change my schedule?

          Again, it is as easy as calling our office to let us know of the changes. We, in turn, will notify the caregiver(s). It is requested that any schedule changes be made through our office and not made directly with your caregiver. This policy is in place to avoid any confusion, payroll discrepancies, or “double bookings” of our caregiver.


How do I cancel your services?

          We do ask for a week’s notice when discontinuing care. This allows us the opportunity to find a new client placement for your caregiver(s) with minimal loss of work.


What if the selected caregiver doesn’t work out?

          It is important you and your loved one feel confident with their caregiver. If, for any reason, you are not comfortable with the arrangement, we will be happy to introduce a new caregiver. We cannot guarantee 100% perfection, but we do guarantee 100% effort in making it as ideal as possible!


How will I know what services have been provided at each visit?

          A Care Plan book will be placed in the home on the first day. The Care Plan will include Emergency Information, Assessment, Plan of Care, Contact Information, Documentation Log and Additional Notes pertaining to the client’s needs, routine, and preferences. Caregivers will record brief notes daily in the Doc Log pertaining to what transpired each day, and notations to any noticeable changes in the client’s condition, appetite, mood, etc. This provides a handy reference for family members. We will also record weight and blood pressure, as well as monitor glucose levels if needed.


How are the caregiver hours tracked?

          Our caregiver will present their timesheet to the client (or a family member should the client not be capable of signing) for verification and signature. Our invoices are based on these signed timesheets submitted by the caregiver.


How do I pay?

          An invoice will be mailed every two weeks. Our clients do not pay our caregivers directly. All billings and payments are processed through our office billing system.